Who We Are

Our principals have been helping companies for years create and communicate compelling stories about their business. For instance, we have worked extensively with consulting firms to develop a wide range of thought leadership marketing content, as well as with a variety of other B2B companies to create narrative-based documents that make them stand out from competitors.  We also have written case studies and profiles on numerous B2C companies to help them tell their stories to prospective customers.

When you work with Corporate Narratives, you benefit from the experience and skills of the talented professionals like the ones below.

Thiel_BernieBernie Thiel


Bernie has been “working with words” his entire professional life, which has included stints as a business newspaper reporter, community newspaper features journalist, scriptwriter, marketing and advertising copywriter, management journal editor, and ghostwriter of business books, articles, white papers and research studies.  Bernie excels in pinpointing the essence of a story and telling that story in a clear and compelling way in a variety of formats.  He is especially adept at turning highly complex issues into powerful narratives that connect strongly with a company’s target audience.

As a partner with Corporate Narratives, Bernie helps companies identify and develop differentiating, informative stories that engage and enlighten customers and prospects. His specialty is in helping professional services and other B2B companies develop thought leadership marketing content that positions them as voices of authority on a chosen topic. In his 15 years as a consultant, he has put his storytelling talents to work for a diverse range of clients, including multinational management and technology consulting firms, midsize retailers and manufacturers, and non-profit and community-development organizations.

CNG_Staff_Susan_BuddenbaumSusan Buddenbaum


Susan has two decades of experience helping companies create and communicate the strongest narratives about complex business problems and services.  In the process, she has honed her ability to find the story – whether by deeply analyzing market research, sifting though volumes of documents and other information sources, or codifying the intellectual capital in business leaders’ heads. Her skills reflect a blend of marketing and operations consulting expertise developed through leadership positions at Capgemini, Ernst & Young, and Computer Sciences Corporation.

At Corporate Narratives Group, Susan focuses on developing narratives on topics within the consumer goods, retail, financial services, communications and high-tech industries and across topics ranging from supply chain and customer experience to analytics, big data, outsourcing and IT services.

CNG_Staff_Angela_HummelAngela Hummel


Angela has almost two decades of marketing management experience, focused on the implementation side of marketing (or as she says, “the actions, rather than words”).  During that time, she has created and executed robust marketing plans incorporating a wide array of marketing vehicles, including: websites and other digital channels, electronic and print advertising, product catalogs, product and company literature, events, and PR.

For Corporate Narratives Group, Angela parlays her expertise in website development and optimization, direct marketing, event management, and project management into smoothly orchestrated campaigns that help clients connect content with customers.  She also oversees the firm’s own marketing activities and business operations.