Why We’re Different

At Corporate Narratives, we understand the power of a good story and how stories can boost the effectiveness of any company’s marketing activities. That’s especially true today, when marketing directors are pressured to boost revenue while struggling to feed the content marketing beast and stand out from the blizzard of information customers encounter every day.

But bringing compelling narratives to life is not easy. It requires three critical skills that Corporate Narratives’ principals embody:

  1. Deep analytical skills, rooted in our extensive experience as market researchers, that enable us to identify the strongest stories a company can tell. We are experts at sifting through, synthesizing and processing a wide range of qualitative and quantitative data from various sources to capture the essence of a story and how it relates to a company’s customers. That includes survey data, interviews, PowerPoint presentations, infographics, videos, podcasts and focus group discussions. And when necessary, we can help clients design and execute their own research—executive and consumer surveys and case study interviews, for example—to help build out and refine their narratives.
  2. Top-notch writing skills that enable us to present these stories in an engaging, informative and interesting way that connects with customers. We have a long history as editors, journalists and business writers whose work has been published in a diverse array of outlets covering everything from clients’ own journals and white papers, blogs and websites, local and business newspapers, prestigious management publications such as Harvard Business Review and Financial Times, and books issued by major publishing houses. Our top-notch writing skills enable us to present clients’ narratives in a clear, engaging, informative and interesting way that connects with customers and other target audiences.
  3. Extensive understanding of marketing channels and tactics that enable us to effectively disseminate clients’ stories to cut through marketplace clutter. It’s not enough to craft compelling stories. They must be consumed to be effective. But getting content to the intended audience can be a major challenge in today’s social media-driven world. We know how to use the full range of traditional and digital channels to get the right stories in front of the right customers in the right format for maximum impact.